Calls & Lines

ISDN30, ISDN2 and Analogue Lines

We provide ISDN30, ISDN2 and analogue lines and will help you choose the right number and types of lines for your business.

Analogue line rental
Single lines for fax, modems and individual handsets 
Multi lines for multiple lines sharing the same telephone number.

ISDN2 line rental
Provides you with two voice channels per circuit.

ISDN30 line rental

Provides you with up to thirty voice channels per circuit.

SIP Trunks

Bell Communications SIP trunks alongside or in place of traditional telephone lines to reduce cost and increase business advantage.

SIP Trunks are a feature-rich alternative to traditional analogue or ISDN (digital) telephone lines and offer great benefits to businesses. Ongoing costs are reduced as the rental charge for a SIP Trunk can be 70% lower than for standard analogue or digital lines and call costs can also be reduced. For companies with multiple sites calls between offices become free of charge.

SIP Trunks connect to telephone system that is either installed on your own site or can be hosted in a data centre and allow business quality telephone calls to be made and received across a data connection that may traditionally be used only for Internet access or accessing remote applications.

Bell Communications Essex Ltd SIP Trunks are created over any suitable data connection such as broadband, FTTC, ethernet or from within a VPN to allow incoming and outgoing calls which are given priority over other types of application to ensure high quality speech.

As well as reducing cost SIP Trunks allow you to do things that are simply not possible with ISDN. For example you can pre-configure a full business continuity plan which can divert calls on a per DDI basis in an emergency and have any telephone number you like. With SIP you are no longer restricted to the local BT exchange and can open up a whole world of new business opportunities.

Call Tariffs

If you would like to get a free call charge comparison on your call charges and what we can reduce for you in line rental and call costs, please contact us.

You can e-mail a copy of your current bill and we and give you a competitive quote to reduce your expenditure.

Non Geographical
numbers allow you to advertise a number that does not show your location. In many instances they are used for Marketing campaigns which allow you to understand further how that particulat advertisment is working for your business.

· 0800/0808 being Free Phone Numbers

· 0845/0844 being Local Rate Numbers

· 0870/0871 being National Rate Numbers

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