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Data Cabling is the foundation of all modern networking. At Bell Communications Essex Ltd we take pride in not only providing but also maintaining that foundation.  We can analyse your cabling requirements and assure code compliance and certification is given.

from CAT 5 and CAT 6 cabling to the new CAT6a 10g and fibre optics for backbone and links . We provide professional consultation, design and installation of your voice and data cabling infrastructures.  There are two main types of data cabling as below.

Data Cabling

Horizontal Cabling

In a small installation for example an office of up to 100 people this probably takes the form of what is known as horizontal cabling, which means that all the cables (CAT5 or CAT6 / CAT6A), regardless of whether they are in the same room, or on different floors, lead back to one central location. Cables are terminated to RJ45 jacks at the user end and RJ45 patch panels in the central location, within a suitable enclosure or cabinet.

Vertical Cabling

For larger installations where cable runs might exceed the 90m permitted for copper cables, it is necessary to install vertical cabling, otherwise known as a backbone, which provides, as the name suggests, a central core of data cabling that can be accessed by a greater number of users, and over greater distances, via Ethernet switches.

The links that string together these switches can be copper for runs up to 90m, or fibre optic if greater length or bandwidth is required. In cases where it is not possible to connect with cable of any kind it is often possible to use wireless links using radio or laser where there is line of sight.

Network Design

Bell Communications Essex Ltd are experts in the design and installation of all the types of cabling described above. However in our experience best results are achieved by working in conjunction with your IT department or IT support providers. If you need overall IT consultancy while planning your network design we would recommend that you talk to one of our trusted channel partners.

We offer a 25 year Warranty from the manufacture and Bell Communications after data cabling installation is handed over to the client, with full O&M.

We offer Fluke testing and results for installs and faults.

Data Cabling Systems we fully install are:


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